Motorhome and caravan credit

The purchase of a new or used motorhome requires significant financing, which can be obtained through consumer credit, and at competitive rates.

The motorhome is assimilated to a nomadic way of life, the possibility of walking the roads of France or abroad and being able to stop where we see fit, on the condition of course of being parked in a space reserved for this type of vehicle. The financing of a motorhome implies for most French people interested in resorting to credit, it is often a consumer loan but you should know that it is possible to resort to a mortgage for the largest models, the motorhome being recognized as a place to live.

Most financing organizations will offer a consumer loan, a credit whose maximum duration is 10 and which can be obtained with or without personal contribution. The advantage of this loan is that it can be adjusted according to the amount of the vehicle but also its equipment, whether for a new model or a used model.


How to compare Camping-Car credit offers?

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There are several credit institutions offering loan offers dedicated to the purchase of a motorhome, this allows you to compare the proposals and study the offers offering the best rate on the credit market. You just have to use an online consumer loan comparator, this allows you to quickly establish a simulation request for the purchase of your motorhome. It will be asked at this stage the amount of the vehicle, it is also useful to specify that the simulation can be performed in the same way as a car loan and that the simulation is also valid for the purchase of a caravan or d ‘a trailer.

After validation of the loan simulation, the comparator will then study the different offers on the market, making sure to probe the specialized financial organizations, which can favorably meet the financing needs of the motorhome. The borrower thus receives several offers of credit with for each highlighting the amount requested, rates and the duration of repayment possible. Most rates are fixed, which ensures fully controlled reimbursement.


Simulate a loan for a motorhome

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This simulation can be operated for all brands and all types of motorhomes, regardless of the vehicle dealer or reseller. It is thus easy to have an estimate of the proposed rates and especially to be able to select the best offer on the market.